The Tenth Doctor

Episode 147

The Commentary Invasion

It’s a Christmas miracle! Flight Through Entirety starts an exciting Christmas tradition by nogging up, sitting down and talking all the way through a Doctor Who Christmas special — David Tennant’s début episode, The Christmas Invasion.

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Episode 148

Already Completely Abominable

This week, for the first time in ages, Todd, Nathan, James and Richard arrive on an exotic yet strangely familiar alien planet, where they meet some old friends and a terrifying new enemy. Oh, okay, it’s cats. Welcome to 2006, and welcome to New Earth.

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Series 2The Tenth Doctor

Episode 149

Having a Laugh About Werewolves

This week, Nathan and James head off to Scotland with special guest star Lizbeth Myles. We basically spend the entire episode larking about while all around us the bodies pile up and Her Majesty gets increasingly exasperated. It’s (nature red in) Tooth and Claw.

Episode 149: Having a Laugh About Werewolves · Duration 0:53:04 · Download · Open in new window

Series 2The Tenth Doctor

Episode 150

His Little Fanboy Heart

This week, Nathan, James and New to Who’s Steven B spend most of the time trying to make Todd cry; the rest of the time, we’re trying to avoid bats in the Deffry Vale High School computer room and listening carefully while Sarah Jane Smith explains the moral of the story. It’s School Reunion.

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Series 2The Tenth Doctor

Episode 151

Tropes, for Want of a Better Word

This week, we’re mostly hiding behind the curtain and under the bed, watching French aristocrats getting attacked by clockwork robots. Which is fun, but not quite in the way you might expect. Also, we’re joined by friend-of-the-podcast Simon Moore, the culmination of a nearly five-year masterplan to trick him into saying the word trope. It’s The Girl in the Fireplace.

Episode 151: Tropes, for Want of a Better Word · Duration 0:55:55 · Download · Open in new window

Series 2The Tenth Doctor

Episode 152

Horrible Yorkie

This week, Nathan and Richard argue fruitlessly about which one of them Brendan likes the most, before heading off to one of those parties where the champagne is warm, the canapés are disappointing, and the guests are being casually slaughtered by art deco cyborgs. It’s time for the Rise of the Cybermen.

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Series 2The Tenth Doctor

Episode 153

Delicious Fascism

This week, we’re all marching into Battersea Power Station to be sawn into pieces and to have our firmware upgraded. Which is just business as usual for Britain in The Age of Steel.

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Series 2The Tenth Doctor

Episode 154

Put a Glaze On

It’s Coronation Day, and so Nathan, James and Richard have invited TV’s Adam Richard over to join us on the sofa, so that we can watch the festivities in comfort while Maureen Lipman slowly pulls our faces off. God save the Queen, everyone — it’s The Idiot’s Lantern.

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Series 2The Tenth Doctor

Episode 155

A Very Long Tone Meeting

This week, we’re orbiting around a black hole talking about flat-pack furniture and making lewd comments about security guards, while all around us the kitchen staff are gearing up for a massive attack on God himself. I suppose that’s why they call it The Impossible Planet.

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Series 2The Tenth Doctor

Episode 156

Some Vicars

In this week’s earnest Radio National podcast episode, Nathan, Peter and Todd discuss religion, the concept of Satan, the nature of human evil, and a proposed Marxist reading of the plight of the Ood. Plus, an episode of a children’s science fiction series called The Satan Pit.

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Series 2The Tenth Doctor

Episode 157

LINDA for Short

So we’d all meet up, every week, and we’d talk about the Doctor for a bit. But after a while, Bridget started cooking. Next thing you know, Mister Skinner started his readings, because he was writing his own novel. As time went on, we got to know each other better and better. Then it turned out that Bridget could play the piano, and I confessed my love of ELO. Next thing you know —

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Series 2The Tenth Doctor

Episode 158

Most Punchable Moment

This week, children are disappearing from the streets, while the people at number 20 are taking delivery of huge numbers of Derwent Lakeland pencils. It’s no wonder, really, that everyone around here seems to Fear Her.

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Series 2The Tenth Doctor

Episode 159

Granddad Prentis Hancock

This week, Nathan’s hiding in a sarcophagus, James is transfixed by a giant ball, Todd keeps trying to lure his workmates into the next office, and Richard just wishes Tracy-Ann Oberman would do a better job with her hair — while all around them, Cybermen are busily pressing themselves into the skin of the universe. Our flight through Series 2 is nearly at an end, so it’s time to face an entire Army of Ghosts.

Episode 159: Granddad Prentis Hancock · Duration 0:47:15 · Download · Open in new window

Series 2The Tenth Doctor

Episode 160

That Which Is Missing

This week, the whole world will soon end in a fiery cataclysm, which has nothing much to do with the podcast, but is probably worth mentioning at this point. Meanwhile, robots from the 1960s are wrangling about something, while an iconic love story comes to a final end. For now. Welcome to Doomsday.

Episode 160: That Which Is Missing · Duration 0:59:09 · Download · Open in new window

Series 2The Tenth Doctor

Episode 161

Probably in a Better Place Than When She Started

It’s the end of twenty-first century Doctor Who’s difficult second album, and the end of the entirety of the Piper Era, so we’ve decided to do this whole episode in our best fake London accents. Will we find more to talk about than just the Battle of the Teeth?

Episode 161: Probably in a Better Place Than When She Started · Duration 1:03:52 · Download · Open in new window

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Episode 163

That’s Not Even a Proper Commentary

It’s Christmas in July and an apocalyptically hot day in London. Still, Nathan, James, Todd and Peter have been cordially invited to attend the wedding of that guy off EastEnders and the incomparable Catherine Tate. Things don’t go quite according to plan. It’s The Runaway Bride.

Episode 163: That’s Not Even a Proper Commentary · Duration 1:05:02 · Download · Open in new window

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Episode 164

The Tara King Confidence

And we’re back! It’s a new year for Doctor Who, and there’s a new companion, with a new mother who will at some point slap him in the face. But until then, it’s all about a bunch of rhinos menacing a hospital on the moon, which is just the kind of premise literally any TV show would come up with. Welcome aboard, Smith and Jones.

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Series 3The Tenth Doctor

Episode 165

It’s Neither of Them

This week, we’re joined by Pete Lambert and Conrad Westmaas for a social history of Elizabethan England, a whirlwind tour of the life and works of Shakespeare, and some serious criticism of Martha’s taste in men. It’s Tuesday, so this must be Hamlet — it’s The Shakespeare Code.

Episode 165: It’s Neither of Them · Duration 1:02:28 · Download · Open in new window

Series 3The Tenth Doctor

Episode 166

Deeply Platonic

This week, Brendan’s high on Honesty, James is driving naked, and Nathan can’t stop scratching himself for some reason, while special guest star Erik Stadnik brings some philosophy and literary criticism to our discussion of Gridlock.

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Series 3The Tenth Doctor

Episode 167

The Big Busby Berkeley Number

This week, we learn that the mortal enemy of showtunes is capitalism, that the mortal enemy of some Doctor Who fans is fun, and that the mortal enemy of the Doctor has descended upon Depression-Era New York in an exciting new thematic guise. The show must go on, in spite of the Daleks in Manhattan.

Episode 167: The Big Busby Berkeley Number · Duration 0:46:09 · Download · Open in new window

Series 3The Tenth Doctor

Episode 168

A Long Tradition of Doctor Who Monsters That in Some Way Resemble Human Genitalia

This week, we discuss human nature, animatronic willies, easily avoidable deaths, and the ethics of cooking pork. Which is probably all just a way of distracting ourselves from the Evolution of the Daleks.

Episode 168: A Long Tradition of Doctor Who Monsters That in Some Way Resemble Human Genitalia · Duration 0:41:06 · Download · Open in new window

Series 3The Tenth Doctor

Episode 169

Some Custard Pies and a Few Harsh Words

This week, we’re hosting our first ever black-tie function, and you’re all invited! Nathan’s scoffing all the canapés, Brendan keeps being mistaken for the waiter, and somewhere upstairs is a roaring and slavering Colin Neal, who will join us later — we hope — to discuss The Lazarus Experiment.

Episode 169: Some Custard Pies and a Few Harsh Words · Duration 0:48:15 · Download · Open in new window

Series 3The Tenth Doctor

Episode 170

I Believe Beryl Reid as a Freighter Captain

This week, we hop aboard the SS Pentallian just in time for it to start plummeting into the heart of a blazing sun. And so while we wait for our inevitable incineration, we answer trivia questions about Bananarama, forget everyone’s names, throw shade on the Captain’s marriage, and spend far too much time crawling around the ship, gurning and gnashing our teeth. Fortunately, it’s all over in 42 minutes.

Episode 170: I Believe Beryl Reid as a Freighter Captain · Duration 0:42:00 · Download · Open in new window

Series 3The Tenth Doctor

Episode 171

Dropped into Downton Abbey

Well, the Doctor has been exiled to Earth again, but instead of hobnobbing with lizard men, he’s spending his time flirting with Matron and delivering incredibly tedious history lessons. There’s some indefensible name-dropping in this episode, including local radio star Simon Moore, but after all, that’s just Human Nature.

Episode 171: Dropped into Downton Abbey · Duration 0:46:55 · Download · Open in new window

Series 3The Tenth Doctor

Episode 172

Six Bullets

Simon, Todd and Nathan are still trapped in 1913, which is better, at least, than being trapped in chains, a collapsing galaxy, every mirror, or a scarecrow. With World War I on the horizon, all three of them await the answer to a single question: Will John Smith have the courage to leave the stage, so that the Doctor can confront The Family of Blood?

Episode 172: Six Bullets · Duration 0:59:19 · Download · Open in new window

Series 3The Tenth Doctor

Episode 173

Flirting Wittily

This week, we’re joined by Lizbeth Myles from Verity! podcast to discuss a terrifying romantic comedy about the brevity of human life. It’s called Blink. People seem to like it.

Episode 173: Flirting Wittily · Duration 1:03:31 · Download · Open in new window

Series 3The Tenth Doctor

Episode 174

On the Set with Dame Derek Jacobi

This week, we’re joined by TV’s Adam Richard to talk about Martha, the Master, Heather Locklear, Coronation Street and Russell’s original plans for the end of the season. And we also talk about a little Doctor Who episode that we like to call Utopia.

Episode 174: On the Set with Dame Derek Jacobi · Duration 0:49:26 · Download · Open in new window

Series 3The Tenth Doctor

Episode 175

This Is What You Were Voting For

We’re on the run this week — skulking in shadows and eating chips while talking about the Master’s backstory and the deplorable state of British politics. Which is a normal Sunday for us, even when we’re not talking about The Sound of Drums.

Episode 175: This Is What You Were Voting For · Duration 0:52:45 · Download · Open in new window

Series 3The Tenth Doctor

Episode 176

Saving the World with the Power of Podcasting

It’s the last episode of Series 3, so we’re walking the Earth and telling anyone who’ll stand still for long enough about our favourite television show in the whole world. It’s Last of the Time Lords.

Episode 176: Saving the World with the Power of Podcasting · Duration 0:53:30 · Download · Open in new window

Series 3The Tenth Doctor

Episode 177

Subtlety and Undertones

We’ve survived our first year of post–Camille Coduri Doctor Who, and our only full year in the company of the charming and charismatic Freema Agyeman. So, what did we all think?

Episode 177: Subtlety and Undertones · Duration 1:13:26 · Download · Open in new window

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Episode 178

Remember Who We Were

Our farewell last week was so heartbreaking that we decided to sneak in one last episode before Christmas. So, here are Terry Wogan and John Barrowman to introduce a heartwarming episode of Flight Through Entirety, in which Nathan and James are joined by Steven B and Dan from New to Who to discuss the 2007 Children in Need special, Time Crash.

Episode 178: Remember Who We Were · Duration 0:24:32 · Download · Open in new window

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Episode 179

Mrs Golightly’s Happy Travelling University and Commentary

In our highest-rated episode since 1979, Nathan, James, Todd and Richard celebrate Christmas aboard the Titanic with champagne, buffalo wings and Kylie Minogue. It looks like it’s going to be a successful maiden voyage — after all, the episode is called Voyage of the Damned.

Episode 179: Mrs Golightly’s Happy Travelling University and Commentary · Duration 1:17:20 · Download · Open in new window

ChristmasCommentariesSpecialsThe Tenth Doctor

Episode 180

For Exactly the Same Reason

We’re back for a new year, a new companion and an exciting new series of the Biggest Thing on TV These Days. But first, we have a simple and effective new weight-loss programme to explode. It’s Partners in Crime.

Episode 180: For Exactly the Same Reason · Duration 0:56:33 · Download · Open in new window

Series 4The Tenth Doctor

Episode 181

The Cambridge Latin Course

This week, while Nathan’s lying on the couch hungover, James is in an ecstatic vaporous trance, and Brendan’s admiring his latest avant-garde objet d’art, we are unexpectedly joined by friend-of-the-podcast, Erik Stadnik, who we hope will (eventually) find it in his heart to save us from the latest impending apocalypse, The Fires of Pompeii.

Episode 181: The Cambridge Latin Course · Duration 0:59:56 · Download · Open in new window

Series 4The Tenth Doctor

Episode 182

The Icy Moral High Ground

This week, James is admiring Mr Halpern’s hardware, Richard’s showing a PowerPoint presentation to some very important clients, Todd’s trying desperately not to fall over this railing, and Nathan’s ranting incessantly about Marx while seriously regretting his lunch order. Welcome to the Planet of the Ood.

Episode 182: The Icy Moral High Ground · Duration 0:47:45 · Download · Open in new window

Series 4The Tenth Doctor

Episode 183

Crossed That off the Whiteboard

This week, we’re joined again by Adam Richard for a discussion about RTD’s early-season two-parters, sidelining the main characters, the military, cloning, Sontarans, and the perils of spending too much time with our families. It all smells very much like The Sontaran Stratagem.

Episode 183: Crossed That off the Whiteboard · Duration 0:48:26 · Download · Open in new window

Series 4The Tenth Doctor

Episode 184

This Soldier, This Soldier, This Soldier, This Soldier

This week, Nathan is crushing on that nice Colonel, James is crushing on a cloned replica of himself, and Peter is crushing on that nice young man who runs the local startup cult academy. And all the time, Adam Richard is roaming this suburban street with an axe, looking for cars to attack. It’s the end of the world, as usual: it’s The Poison Sky.

Episode 184: This Soldier, This Soldier, This Soldier, This Soldier · Duration 0:54:35 · Download · Open in new window

Series 4The Tenth Doctor

Episode 185

About His Manpain

This week, we basically stand around gloomily watching a fish drown until Todd cheers us up with some surprisingly athletic backflips. It’s The Doctor’s Daughter.

Episode 185: About His Manpain · Duration 0:49:04 · Download · Open in new window

Series 4The Tenth Doctor

Episode 186


This week, Peter’s having a quiet drink, Brendan’s spending a suspicious amount of time in the toilet, Max has gone for a walk in the woods with Sacha Dhawan, and Nathan is looking at dirty postcards and reminiscing about the days when he still used to get out of this chair. Plus, Agatha Christie’s here for cocktails. So be sure to watch out for The Unicorn and the Wasp.

Episode 186: Lowbrow–Highbrow · Duration 0:52:15 · Download · Open in new window

Series 4The Tenth Doctor

Episode 187

No One to Blame but Himself

This week, Nathan, Peter and Richard are joined by renowned Doctor Who blogger Johnny Spandrell, but we spend most of our time lurking among the bookshelves frightened by our own shadows. And despite the customary non-stop chattering, it’s all about Silence in the Library.

Episode 187: No One to Blame but Himself · Duration 0:57:49 · Download · Open in new window

Series 4The Tenth Doctor

Episode 188

Our New Brigadier

This week, we’re joined again by rockstar Doctor Who blogger Johnny Spandrell, for just under an hour of conversation and fruitless dieting in a VR environment. It’s the start — and the end — of a beautiful friendship, in Forest of the Dead.

Episode 188: Our New Brigadier · Duration 0:55:40 · Download · Open in new window

Series 4The Tenth Doctor

Episode 189

Your Bezzie Mate

Remember tourism? Sure, you would always end up on a crappy bus full of middle-class English holidaymakers who wanted to kill you, and there was always the imminent threat of alien attack, but at least it got you out of the house. Which is why this week we decided to catch up with Doctor Who YouTuber Josh Snares for a weekend getaway on the planet Midnight.

Episode 189: Your Bezzie Mate · Duration 0:50:39 · Download · Open in new window

Series 4The Tenth Doctor

Episode 190

Just One Thing

This week, we’re joined by TV’s Joe Lidster, to discuss one of our favourite Doctor Who episodes while the world around us devolves into fascism and the universe collapses into nothingness. I guess that’s what happens when you fail to Turn Left.

Episode 190: Just One Thing · Duration 1:00:03 · Download · Open in new window

Series 4The Tenth Doctor

Episode 191

Mr Smith’s Fanfare Is Diegetic

This week, Nathan, James, Todd and Peter sit in our separate homes, longing for an invasion where the aliens order us all to congregate in the street together. Which is what happens, of course, in The Stolen Earth.

Episode 191: Mr Smith’s Fanfare Is Diegetic · Duration 0:57:54 · Download · Open in new window

Series 4The Tenth Doctor

Episode 192

Why He Wins

This week, all four of us gather in the Console Room to tow the podcast home after a particularly trying week. It’s time for our journey to end, in — er — Journey’s End.

Episode 192: Why He Wins · Duration 1:05:16 · Download · Open in new window

Series 4The Tenth Doctor

Episode 193

Dalek Caan Saves the Day

This week, we look back on Series 4 and consider some of the unanswered questions from the last thirteen weeks of Flight Through Entirety. Is Series 4 the best ever series of New Who? Sylvia Noble: threat or menace? What is the best story of the season, and why is it Midnight? And, as always, who or what should we snog, marry and avoid?

Episode 193: Dalek Caan Saves the Day · Duration 1:16:27 · Download · Open in new window

RetrospectivesSeries 4The Tenth Doctor

Episode 194

Mr Cole, Mr Scoones, Mr Fetch and Mr Commentary

It’s Christmas in July, and an amnesiac Todd is cosplaying as Colin Baker while his missing son Brendan is slaving away in a workhouse somewhere. Meanwhile, Richard is frocked up and ready to take over the British Empire, as usual, while Nathan is wearing a brass N95 mask and a gorilla suit and dreaming of summer days spent frolicking in the forests of the planet Tara. Pass us the eggnog, someone: it’s time to meet The Next Doctor.

Episode 194: Mr Cole, Mr Scoones, Mr Fetch and Mr Commentary · Duration 1:03:57 · Download · Open in new window

ChristmasCommentariesSpecialsThe Tenth Doctor

Episode 196

Big Finish, Call Me Now

It’s Easter 2009, and here we are, huddling in a bus with Michelle Ryan and friend-of-the-podcast Simon Moore on the desert planet San Helios, with the sun in our eyes, hope in our hearts and a hundred billion dead people in our hair. It’s the first special episode of David Tennant’s final year: welcome to the Planet of the Dead.

Episode 196: Big Finish, Call Me Now · Duration 1:03:28 · Download · Open in new window

2009 specialsSpecialsThe Tenth Doctor

Episode 197

Fix or Flux

This month, Brendan’s got his hand stuck up a robot, and Nathan is preparing a roast dinner made entirely of carrots and prions, when they are unexpectedly joined by those travellers in space and time known only as Pete Lambert and Conrad Westmaas. The conversation soon turns to accents, zombies and specious moral dilemmas: this is, after all, The Waters of Mars.

Episode 197: Fix or Flux · Duration 1:15:07 · Download · Open in new window

2009 specialsSpecialsThe Tenth Doctor

Episode 198

Do Something Big

This Christmas, everyone’s incredibly hungry, but we’re not allowed to start on dinner until the Doctor’s embarrassing relatives arrive. It’s the episode with the most oxymoronic title in the entire series — The End of Time, Part One.

Episode 198: Do Something Big · Duration 0:54:42 · Download · Open in new window

2009 specialsChristmasSpecialsThe Tenth Doctor

Episode 199

A Great Release of Tension

This week, we’ve hastily convened an emergency meeting in our darkest conference room: Todd’s itching to try out his new glove, Nathan has some serious objections to make, James is here mostly for the exposition and Peter is hunched over the desk doing his best Dalek Caan impersonation. It’s the end of the David Tennant era — The End of Time, Part Two.

Episode 199: A Great Release of Tension · Duration 1:02:08 · Download · Open in new window

2009 specialsSpecialsThe Tenth Doctor

Episode 200

Technical Virtuosity

This week, we answer the most important questions about the latest leg of our flight — the Russell T Davies Era. What happened to Nerys during the Year of Hell? Which monsters would we most like to party with? Who is the best guest character, and why is it Ida Scott? And, finally, is this the best era in the show’s history?

Episode 200: Technical Virtuosity · Duration 1:32:08 · Download · Open in new window

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Episode 248

The Glue That Holds Everything Together

To celebrate Doctor Who’s fiftieth and fifty-ninth anniversaries, Brendan, Nathan, Richard and Todd are reunited at last for the first of two panels discussing The Day of the Doctor. We squealed, we laughed, we wept, we injured Brendan, and we spent quite a bit of time fangirling about Ingrid Oliver. Happy birthday, everyone!

Episode 248: The Glue That Holds Everything Together · Duration 1:11:11 · Download · Open in new window

SpecialsThe Eleventh DoctorThe Fiftieth AnniversaryThe Tenth Doctor

Episode 249

It’s No Arc of Infinity

The original FTE team has already spent an hour discussing The Day of the Doctor, but it wouldn’t be a fiftieth anniversary celebration without James, Peter and Simon on the couch toasting everyone’s health. There will be cocktails, as we convene just one more time to discuss The Day of the Doctor.

Episode 249: It’s No Arc of Infinity · Duration 1:08:18 · Download · Open in new window

SpecialsThe Eleventh DoctorThe Fiftieth AnniversaryThe Tenth Doctor