Episode 208

Don’t Kill the Lizard Lady

This week we’re joined by Erik Stadnik for a whole day of taping cameras to things while we wait for something — oh, okay, the Silurians — to emerge from The Hungry Earth.

Nathan incorrectly says that the Silurians in Doctor Who and the Silurians were voiced by Peter Hawkins (which was a good guess), but — delightfully — they were actually voiced by Peter Halliday (Packer!).

The novelisation of Doctor Who and the Silurians was re-released in 2011, and is still fairly easy to get hold of. Very highly recommended. It’s called Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters.

The Silurians from Doctor Who and the Silurians inspired the concept and the design of the Voth from the Star Trek: Voyager episode Distant Origin. Did the Voth go on to inspire the Silurians from this story?

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