Episode 207

A Man Who Sees His Own Shadows

This week, we’re joined by Johnny Spandrell for an hour of love, self-loathing and psychic pollen from the candle meadows of Karass don Slava, as we discuss Amy’s Choice.

Steven Moffat’s first attempt at self-loathing sex comedy was Joking Apart (1993–1995), in which he rummages through the ruins of an old long-term relationship. It’s funny in places, and deeply problematic in others, in a way that many Doctor Who fans will find disturbingly familiar.

Toby Jones’s father was Freddie Jones, who started his career in amateur dramatics and was always in work from the 1960s onwards. He appeared opposite David Tennant in Casanova (2005).

Toby Jones plays Truman Capote in the 2006 film Infamous. Richard also mentions another film featuring Truman Capote, this time played by Capote himself. It’s The Capote Tapes, a documentary that featured as part of this year’s Mardi Gras Film Festival in Sydney.

Simon Nye’s script for this episode can be found on this page of the BBC website, along with a whole heap of scripts from nearly every season of the new series of Doctor Who.

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